We had special guests today - Visiting Rotarians from Florida.

Bob Batchelor, President of the Merritt Island, Fl Breakfast Club, and his friend Marla Berberion, exchanged banners with our President, Aleta Frezzell.



SPOKE 7/8/14

Scribe: John Devol

Meeting was chaired  by our new president, Aleta Frezzell

Guests:  Bob Batchelor, President of the Merritt Island, FL, Breakfast Club, and his friend, Marla Berberion

Attendance:  18 members plus 2 guests and 1 speaker

· Announcements:  Aleta reported on the 1st District Staff meeting for our new District Governor, Calisto Bertin, whose theme is “Light Up Rotary”.  By shining the light on Rotary, he wants us all to help increase community awareness.

· Aleta reported that Dave Chazen, Norman Davis, John Devol, Frorence Marchi, George Milne and Ikuyo Yanagisawa had perfect attendance in June

· Jim Cole has resumed his “fireside chats” which are opportunities for new members to learn about Rotary’s history and present day structure.

· Speaker:  Barry Walter spoke regarding the Affordable Care Act.  Despite some difficulties with the sound system the talk resulted in an informative discussion about the pluses and minuses of the new legislation.

Future Speakers and topics:

July 15    Susan Gold — The Geopolitics of Russia-- Putin and the Oligarchs

July 22    Frederick Beals—Maximizing Your Soc. Sec. Benefit

July 29    Kathy Frost—Solar Project in Sierra Leone